Our Approach

At NutraVision we believe great tech can do great things. Combined with our passion for feet-on-the-ground research and innovative streaks we want to bring to everyone the benefits of being up to date with the newest findings in all things food while saving our users money.

New findings are added every week, and being degree-level academics from Nutrition, AI, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience with research method specialists on board gives us a unique perspective and opportunity to extract helpful findings from academia to help anyone apply the latest research and live longer, happier and prosper.

Our Story

At the beginning of the beginning of our journey around 4 years ago Oliver saw a video for a 7 day vegan challenge and decided to try it out. Normally having a daily breakfast of a bacon sandwich and scambled egg he ate some almonds, beetroot and bananas, and the next day instead of waking up at around 9am to an annoying alarm he woke up at 6 with so much energy he went for a walk!

A good while later the team met at the University of Sussex, Poppy studying Nutritional Sciences and Herbology and Kasper studying Neuroscience we reflectively noticed how so many came down with 'freshers flu', after moving to a diet of beans on toast, oven chips and vodka and WKD. We realised there's a lot of people that could benefit from our research, Oliver had made Augmented Reality projects beforehand and the idea came together, we started to revisit, verify, put together and structure the research we'd done for ourselves over the last few years and the rest was history.

We know NutraVision has the potential not only to work alongside medication and treat disease, but to prevent ailments from forming in the first place, help people be more productive and creative and increase lifespan and duration and quality of mental function. Our goal is to eventually have personalised diet plans prescribed to patients alongside medication to improve their effectiveness, but also to reduce strain on public health services, encourage diets which help the planet without compromising health and to help people live their best lives.

With the future in mind, our long term plan is to expand from our app to Hololens, Google Glass and mainstream AR devices when they arrive and our current objective is expanding our database and building our app. We don't currently have the resources to work full-time, more funds allows us to have our project public faster and so all support is greatly appreciated!

Meet the Team


Poppy Wheeler

Herbal and Nutrition specialist

Knows a lot about herbs


Oliver Chappell-Holmes

Technical Director and Cognitive Science specialist

Shops for veg on an M365 electric scooter and recommends you get one

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Kasper Killingmoe

Neuroscience specialist

Has read over 70 books and meditated over 1000 days consecutively

Get the app

Our app is currently in development and we aim to have it public in Autumn 2019. If you'd like to support our project donations are gratefully appreciated and we'll make sure they go a long way.