In Discover you can find foods that are good for you. Choose from a selection of any of our 30+ effects and our app scans and distills 50+ scientific papers for each food and returns the ones that best fulfil your criteria. Want to improve your focus and memory while eating sustainability, for the planet and your wallet? Then discover Discover



Lens uses Augmented reality to overlay your selections onto food so you can check what your eating for effects important to you. Simply put your phone over a food item and our app shows you what it's good for or how it fits in with your dietary preferences, no taps required


In Journal we introduce to you leading ways you can keep your food habits on track, complete with a daily scoring system and custom mealplans which work on several mechanisms to help you put to use what you learn. We've taken notes here from the Centre for Cognitive Science at Sussex, to help you extend your lifespan and evade ailments while saving you money.

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